Ngurratjuta is an aboriginal owned and governed art center located in Alice Springs amongst the arid Central Australian desert. The art center provides a place for Aranda artists to come together to paint, share and learn new techniques and ideas. Many well established contemporary artists, as well as new and emerging artists, are supported by Ngurratjuta. Their artworks tell many different stories and are completed in a variety of techniques.

Ngurratjuta has a special focus on encouraging the artists of the 'Hermannsburg School'. These watercolor artists paint in the tradition of Albert Namatjira, who painted in the 20th century and was renowned for his unique style of painting the local landscape in Western-style watercolors. By continuing his legacy, these artists sustain an important piece of living history. 

Like all remote indigenous art centers operating in Australia - Ngurratjuta is strongly committed to improving the livelihood of Aboriginal people and maintaining cultural heritage.