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Currently featuring Nici Cumpston & Ömie Artists



Nici Cumpston


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 SHELTER I & II, QUARTZITE RIDGE DIPTYCH, 2011, Adelaide, edition #1/3, archival inkjet print on canvas, hand colored with synthetic polymer paint and pencil,  39 x 39” (98 x 98 cm)




Art of the Ömie

Our Culture is Strong like Our Mountain, Huvaimo
Nohi jajwe boromu mai dahoru Huvaimo va’ene

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ALBERT SIRIMI (NANATI), ahoro ahoré, sabu deje, vinohu behe, taigu taigu’e ohu’o ahéhuruvë’e - garden weed with strong roots, spots of the wood-boring grub, tattoo design of the bellybutton, jungle vine and tree logs in the garden, natural pigments on barkcloth, 48 x 29” (122 x 73.5 cm), Catalog #13-014



on view until 30 April 2014 in Sun Valley