Falling Into Place

A whirlwind sweeps out from the
Shore and is suddenly gone.
From the pavilion over
The lake the water has become
Indistinguishable from the sky.

-- Su Tung Po (from Looking From The Pavillion Over The Lake—12th Century)

In this fourth installment of the Barn Project —Harvey Art Projects & Aurobora present this multiple venue exhibit: Falling Into Place.

We fall into place transitionally. The journey is the same everywhere. Whether the journey begins from a remote art center off in the Australian bush or it begins from the solitary confines of some urban studio, the artist leaves behind the familiar to head-down an unmarked road.

The speed increases as the artist moves closer to the hub of a core concept. And although it feels like an external phenomenon, the artist experiences this subjectively, in her own time, without notice, as if this new awareness is indistinguishable from the artist herself and the way she has chosen to release it into the world. This is the transitional sequence from the uneventful to the center of a fertile idea.

For some, like the aboriginal artists represented here, the story of the journey is essential and indistinguishable from the self; for others it is rooted in an internal discovery that is so compelling it demands vigil. But for all these artists the invitation to the viewer is open, wide, and limitless.

This Barn Project exhibition presents an opportunity to approach the unknowable in its many guises, allows the viewer to unravel cross-connections between the individual works and pairings presented here. The task has now been transferred to us, the viewer. We must contend with the speed at which we move from a thought to an idea to an appreciation of a phenomenon. We witness the transits of impulse from somewhere beyond the artist to somewhere beyond the viewer. We apply it to our world—even if only marginally-- and it leaves an imprint.

An awakening occurs, as if emerging from a hard winter, as if, for the first time, something unnamed but essential rises up and simply reveals itself easily as letting go and falling into place. In the end, what more can an artist or any art offer the viewer than the freedom to arrive outside of oneself?

A collaboration project with Aurobora. On view Until October 15, 2019.