Pepai Jangala Carroll


Birth Date:
Region: Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yangkunytjatjara (APY) Lands

Pepai's mothers country is near Docker River, NT, and his Fathers country is near Kintore also in NT.

Pepai was born in Haasts Bluff, and later moved to Papunya when the new settlement was created there. He went to school in Papunya before moving to Areyonga, where he finished school. He then travelled on horses with his family to Eagle Bore, which is a homeland just north of Ernabella, and he has been living in ERnabella ever since. His first work was building fences around the Ernabella Station, and later worked in the Ernabella community. He also worked in the office and was Community Chairperson. He became a warden when he was a young fella, and he als obecame the Director of Nganampa Health, the regional health body. He was then appointed the Community Constable, a position he held until 2006 when illness forced him to retire. He married Alison (Milyika) Carroll when he was a youngfella working in the community office. They have 5 children. Since retiring Pepai has time to paint, and he commenced painting at the art centre early 2009.

Pepai paints stories from his Fathers Country and the Wati Nyiru and Seven Sisters story.


2009 Our Mob, Adelaid Festival Centre, SA
2010 Recent PAintings, Chapman Gallery, Canberra, ACT
2010 Kayili & Ernabella, Aboriginal & Pacific Art, Sydney, NSW
2010 Ngura Nganampa, Outstation Gallery, Darwin, NT
2010 Desrt Mob, Araluen Centre, Alice Spirngs, NT
2010 Ara irititja munu ara kuwaritja, Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne, VIC
2010 A Wati-Ku Show, RAFT Artspace, Alice Springs, NT
2011 Ngura Kutju, Tjukurpa Pulkatjara, Short St Gallery, Broome, WA