MABEL JULI Solo exhibition

Garnkiny doo Wardel: Moon & star

20 DECEMBER 2016 - 30 JANUARY 2017

The series of works in Garnkiny Doo Wardel: Moon and Star celebrates one of the most dedicated and iconic of all Warmun artists. Mabel Juli's seniority and status as one of Australia's most respected painters has emerged from a consistent body of work that visions landscapes, individual brush stroke gestures and developed symbols of Gija Law and Culture, with the recollection of Ngarranggarni (Dreaming). Renowned for her refined black and white depiction of Garnkiny doo Wardel (Moon and Star), is an important Ngarranggarni (Dreaming) story that explores forbidden love, kinship and the origins of our mortality represented by the moon and stars. This landmark exhibit will be the first USA Solo exhibition for Mabel Juli.