Judith Anya Samson


Born: 1987
Language: Putijarra
Skin: Milangka
Place of Birth: Port Hedland
Home: Jigalong : WA
Region: Western Desert



Anya is the granddaughter of Dadda Samson and Yanjimi (Peter) Rowlands, both senior Martu artists. She was born in Port Hedland and has lived most of her life in Jigalong. Anya’s mother passed away when she was a young girl, she has grown up with her grandmother Dadda. Dadda has taught Anya to paint; she has passed stories onto Anya for painting. Anya frequently travels with Dadda to her country around Jigalong, Puntawarri and the Rabbit Proof Fence, the subject of many of her paintings. Anya has exhibited in most Martumili Artists' exhibitions in recent years. Her work has been acquired by the Art Gallery of Queensland (GOMA) and the National Museum of Australia. In 2011, Anya traveled to the United States of America with other Martu artists for the exhibition "Waru" at the Thomas Welton Stanford Art Gallery, Stanford University. Anya is casually employed by Martumili Artists as a support worker, assisting older artists with travel and arts support services.


Dancing women
Jila Kurru
Rabbit Proof Fence


Art Gallery of Queensland
National Museum of Australia


2013, Best Work by an Artist Under 25, Hedland Art Awards