Born Strong showcases new acrylic paintings from Nyangulya Katie Nalgood, Doreen Chapman and Gloria, three contemporary artists working at the Spinifex Hill Studios in Western Australia.  This exhibition marks the first time the artists have exhibited in the United States. 

All three are part of the Spinifex Hill Artists (SHA), an indigenous artist collective on Kariyarra Country in the Pilbara region in the North West of Australia.  SHA is a unique indigenous art group in a national context as it does not have a dominant language group or signature style.

Bright and lively colors dominate this exhibition. Where Nalgood’s representational paintings celebrate and document birds of Western Australia, Chapman, a deaf artist, uses abstract patterns to tell stories of flora and fauna, and Gloria’s large-scale paintings rejoice in pastel colors with a gestural brush style and an abstract approach.

On view until May 15th, 2019