Teresa Kione (Avur’e)


Born: c.1948, Enopé village, Oro Province, Papua New Guinea
Language Group: Ömie
Clan: Ematé
Lives and works: Kinado village, Oro Province, Papua New Guinea
Medium: natural pigments on nioge (women's barkcloth skirts)



Teresa is the sister of Brenda Kesi (Ariré), who is also a barkcloth artist. Together they grew up at old Enopé village which was situated between the Jordan and Maruma Rivers and was a stronghold for the Ematé clan. When Teresa was a young girl she remembers hearing the mighty eruption of the volcano Huvaemo (Mt. Lamington) and she got very scared so she ran to the arms of her father and he carried her. Her family were forced to move due to the eruption but she has fond memories of growing up and tells of how she would play in the sand, drawing soru’e (traditional Ömie tattoo designs). Teresa has four children and many granchildren.


National Gallery of Australia, Canberra