Martha-Jean Uhamo


Born: 1968, Këro village (Gora), Oro Province, Papua New Guinea
Language Group: Ömie
Clan: Sidorajé
Lives and works: Kinado village (Gora), Oro Province, Papua New Guinea
Medium: natural pigments on nioge (women's barkcloth skirts)



“My mother, my grandmother and my mother-in-law were all barkcloth painters and now I paint their designs. And like me, my daughter will learn the designs of our clans, I will teach her so that our traditions are carried on into the future.”


Martha-Jean has been painting for Ömie Artists since 2010. Her mother was Martha Ruruvé of Gorabuna village (Sahuoté clan - Beriirajé/Samwé sub-clan) and her father was Clement Towora of Enjoro village (Ina’e clan). As a girl Martha-Jean would sit and watch her mother painting her barkcloths and has inherited her beautiful designs. When she married her husband Alfius, she also learnt designs from her mother-in- law Gununu Uhamo, who was a Misajé clanwoman. Martha has one daughter and one grandchild.