Bugai Whyoulter


Born: 1940
Language: Kartujarra
Skin: Purungu
Place of Birth: Pukayiyirna (Balfour Downs Station)
Home: Kunawarritji : WA
Region: Western Desert



Bugai was born at Pukayiyirna, on present day Balfour Downs Station, and her parents soon took her north through Jigalong and Nullagine to Kunawarritji. She grew up, walked and hunted primarily around Punmu, Kunawarritji and Kun Kun, and as a young woman traveled the Canning Stock Route where she met cattle drovers. Bugai continued to live nomadically, with her family and later with her husband, before eventually deciding to live at Jigalong Mission, with many other relatives. In recent years she has lived at Kunawarritji where she was taught to paint by Nora Nungabar and Nora Wompi. The three women paint together as often as possible. Bugai has one son Narran who lives in Hedland. She has 4 grandchildren who live in Jigalong. Her sister was fellow artist, Nancy Patterson.


Balfour Downs, Canning Stock Route, Jigalong, Jirkupuka,
Juntujuntu, Juuku, Kalpaa,
Kunawarritji, Kartarru, Karltatu, Kun Kun, Kurru, Kuwarrijiana,
Lalki, Mamunarta,
Minyi Puru, Ngurra, Ninjarna, Warnu, Well 28, Wilpirri


Gallery of Modern Art, Queensland Art Gallery
National Gallery of Victoria
National Museum of Australia


2013 Finalist, Glencore Art Center Award
2013 Finalist, 29th Telstra National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art Award
2012 Finalist, Hedland Art Award
2012 Finalist, Bankwest Contemporary Art Prize
2010 Finalist, Western Australian Indigenous Art Award