Born: c.1963, Jiapa village, Oro Province, Papua New Guinea
Language Group: Ömie
Clan: Ematé
Lives and works: Duharenu village, Oro Province, Papua New Guinea
Medium: natural pigments on nioge (women's barkcloth skirts)



“I paint the traditional Ömie designs of my clan... sometimes I paint about initiations when we lived underground.” 


Aspasia has been painting for Ömie Artists since its establishment in 2004. Aspasia’s mother was Florence Umasisé of Jiapa village (Ematé clan) and her father was Naré of Budo village (Sahuoté clan). Aspasia was taught to paint by her mother, Florence, as well as by her grandmother including the following designs: dahoru’e - Ömie mountains, hartu’e - design of the ceremonial Dwarf Cassowary-chestbone necklace, buboriano’e - beaks of Blyth’s Hornbill and sabu ahe - black spots of the wood-boring grub. She is married to Aiden Gadai (Alowa) and they have two children.



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National Gallery of Australia, Canberra 
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne